The deadline for registration and prepayment for the Sept. 29th autoX is Thursday evening, Sept 20th at midnight!

You must email your info required by Namao security to Andrew by that deadline, or you won't get on the base.

However, IF you have already submitted your info to Andrew for any previous EZCC/WRMC Namao events this year you do not need to re-submit

Sunday, May 6 - Griesbach parade square - complete PICS HERE

Sunday, June 3 - Griesbach parade square - complete PICS HERE
(no pre-registration)

Saturday, July 28 - C.F.B. Namao NE taxiway
(pre-registration required for base security)

Sunday, July 29
- C.F.B. Namao NE taxiway
(pre-registration required for base security)- complete PICS HERE

Sunday, August 12 - Griesbach parade square- complete
(no pre-registration)

Saturday, September 1 - Griesbach parade square- complete
(no pre-registration)

Saturday, September 29 - C.F.B. Namao
(pre-registration required for base security)

Pre-registration is REQUIRED for all events at C.F.B. Namao. Even if you have registered in the past, you must re-register for this year.

Pre-registration is required by 11:00am on Thursday, July 19 for the July
28/29 double-header, and by Thursday, September 20 for the September 29
event. Once on the list, you need not re-register for the remainder of
the year. Information is to be sent to

CFB Namao Registration:

Every person wanting to drive and or watch needs to be registered. Only competing vehicle information is needed:

1) Driver name
2) Guest (spectator) names including
non-drivers, kids, Mothers-in-law, etc,
3) Drivers license #
4) Car Make
5) Car Year
6) Car Color
7) Car VIN
8) Car License Plate and Province of Registration

Click the registration contact name below to e-mail your registration info for an upcoming slalom event. Please include all the above needed information in your e-mail. Thanks!

Registration contact:

Andrew Searle

Z Club / Miata Club Fun Run
Slalom School 2007

Next Slalom Date:

Saturday September 29th

You must be a member of the Edmonton Z Car Club or the Wild
Rose Miata Club
or an invited guest to attend. Contact either club for membership info using the links above.

The last Z Club / Miata Club Fun Slalom is Sunday September 29th at CFB Namao. Plan on being at the site by 9:00 AM at the latest if you plan on running. Cost for the event is $30 per car club member, $ 40.00 per non-member. Maximum 30 drivers per event. Details of this event are given below


If you are able volunteer for setup, please send me a separate e-mail. E-mail: Richard or Andrew

Drivers must bring their car insurance and registration certificates to each event.

Teching of cars:

Competitors are responsible for teching of the cars. The organizers will do a quick check of each car, but competitors are still responsible for this.

Basic requirements are:

* No loose items in cabin and trunk(s).
* Throttle cable shall function properly.
* Brakes shall function properly.
* Tires shall be street legal (i.e. tread showing)
* Wheel bearings must not be loose (shake the wheel, must
not wobble).
* Battery must be properly secured and not loose.
* Car must have seat belts for all occupants.
* Car must be in good running condition.
* Cars must be street legal, registered, and insured unless trailered there. Proof of this must be brought with and shown to the registration officials.

Bring your own helmets. They must be SNELL approved, minimum M95. If you don't have a helmet, don’t worry as you should be able to borrow from other people.

Marshalling, timing help, etc.:
All competitors will be required to assist with the marshalling and timing duties. While not driving, track workers are needed to marshal the course and time/record the times of the cars. Instructions on how to do this will be given at
the event.

What to bring:
Sunscreen, rain gear, umbrellas, drinks, chairs, etc.
Bring suitable supplies with you for a full day outside without any shelter. There are no food or drink stores at the sites, so BYO drinks and food.


Location: Greisbach Barracks Parade Grounds

Most direct access (least chance of getting lost within the development) -- as I see it -- is via Castle Downs Road (113A Street), and in at 145 Avenue, down 113 Street, and then via 144 Avenue (follow the red line on the map).


Location: Namao Airbase (map)

Military Police patrol the base and have a zero tolerance policy and will issue you tickets.

From 137 Avenue, proceed north on 97 Street (Hwy 28). Take the "Edmonton Garrison" exit (~ 5.7 km north of 137 Avenue). Turn right (east) at Churchill Avenue, which is the main gate. At the main gate, inform the guard that you are part of the group participating in the race that day. You may need to produce your drivers license.

After checking in go straight. Take the first left on Ortona Road, and then turn right on Vimy Avenue. Continue east until you reach the checkpoint gate, where you must check in with the guards. Photo ID is required and you must sign in. The guard will then open the gate for you. Drive through the gate and you will see the cars setting up ahead.