Dyno Day 2003

Despite postponement on the 10 of May for SNOW of all things, the Dyno Day was rescheduled for Saturday May 24th. We ran 10 cars through with three runs each. Average time for car turnaround was 30- 40 minutes, finishing the last run around 3:00 pm. Thanks to Travis Kittlitz and his crew at Apex Modified for their professional service (plus doughnuts!)

Dyno testing gives some ruthless numbers, well below what the stage charts and import magazines brag about. Cars are usually rated on flywheel horsepower & torque. On the dyno, it's all about rear-wheel hp and torque rating. As a percentage of power is lost through the driveline, the numbers come out lower than 'rated' numbers. However, some impressive results were achieved; Frank's car is a torque monster, and Jason's turbo has the all-time highest hp record for the Apex Dyno to date. Also measured during the dyno runs was the car's air/fuel mix as coming from the exhaust, useful for checking rich or lean conditions. The numbers themselves? You'll have to ask the owners, nicely!

Gord Ehrenlechner's 2003 350z

Roy Ehrenlechner's 1990 300zx

Frank Corrigan's 1973 240z V8 conversion 

Jason Kelly's 1993 300zx Twin Turbo


 Rob Kiddell's 1990 300zx Twin Turbo 

John Onyschuk's 1972 240z V8 conversion


Ari Bernstein's 1987 300zx

Leroy Jones' 1990 300zx


Tim Mazurek's 1992 300zx Twin Turbo 

Tobias Weingartner's 1990 300zx Twin Turbo

Lining up at Apex Modified in the morning

 Three generations of  Z cars