Spring Fun Run Sunday May 28, 2006

Ten cars came out for a run in the north country to Long Lake Provincial Park. After three days of rain, the sun came out for the morning half of the run, and rain kept away for the rest of the day. We had a varied series of pavement, from straight & smooth to pothole dodging to lakeside twists. After a barbeque and a chat with some interested park rangers, we headed back to the city on a straight-shot south through to Fort Saskatchewan.

Gathering in the 7-11 parking lot at 9:00 AM

On the highway heading north at 9:45:

The lineup on highway 28:

Left turn onto TWP 590, aka Autocross Highway:

Locals stare at the parade of Z cars driving through the country:

Roadside stop to ensure everyone survived the pot-hole slalom:


The Route:


Follow the red Zed:

Opportunity to socialize in the country:

Lined up at the lake:

Group shot at the campground
Back from Left: Ron Wegner, Tim Mazurek, Ron Nease, Shaun Heath, Daniel Petrica, Martin Smee, Mahesh Upadhyay
Front from Left: Gayle Aitken, Jane Mazurek, Barbie Onyschuk, John Onyschuk, Rob Kiddell

(roof reflection courtesy of Marty Smee's 300ZX)

Thanks to Tim and Jane Mazurek for organizing and running the event.